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How can Vinyasa Vitamins improve your health?

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Formation of Collagen

Absorption of Iron

Wound Healing


Bones, and Teeth Strength

CrossFit Exercises


Immune System


Red Blood Cells

Nervous System

Brain Health

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Calm Woman


Skin Structure


Healthy Aging

Healthy Eyes

Mental & Physical Strength

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We inspire others to create healthy habits.

Our eccentric combination inspires the deep connection within yourself.  Wellness & nutrition is a lifestyle. Vinyasa Vitamins help you to create such synergy of growth, perseverance, & passion.


“THESE ARE THE BEST!! Absolutely convenient! I have the vitamins and I want more! Thank you for making a product that is perfect for my body and is suitable for my goals! I have been feeling great in the mornings after I take my Vinyasa Vitamins and they seem to help increase my motivation when I am working out.”

- Brittani Boyd

“These vitamins are a game-changer. Thank you Gerald for the hard work you put in and for providing an amazing product to the community. I had experienced symptoms of dehydration, a weak immune system, and could not eat anything. I felt down for at least a day or two before hitting Gerald up to purchase some vitamins. The vitamins definitely helped my immune system and gave me more energy.”

- Joel Insilo

“I am telling everyone that I know about these vitamins.  I respect how you donate proceeds to charities such as students of autism and the homeless community! Thank you for allowing me to volunteer with you and your team feeding the homeless at John Prince Park and areas around West Palm Beach. These vitamins are the real deal.”

- Dennis Hall


“I am so proud of you and everything that you do. The community loves your vitamins! I am promoting them all throughout Palm Beach and on social media. The kids and the mothers in the inner city want more. Continue working hard and impacting lives.”

- Sharon Engram

“These vitamins really changed my life. I was never a vitamin taking person, nor did not know that I could get dietary supplements with Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin C at once. I am very inspired by the consistency and work ethic of Gerald Hearns giving back and uplifting so many people in the community. Not too many great people around these days. I can not wait to order my next month's worth of supply. Continue being great!

- Shateria Quince

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We are highly appreciative of the amazing support and connections from the many yoga instructors, yoga participants, yoga studio owners, and our G Health Nutrition family that have made this dream come true. Making an impact in the community, sponsoring our vitamins to local homeless citizens, our veterans, students of autism, and other charities is only possible because of you!


Thank You,


Gerald Hearns


G Health Nutrition

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