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Our Story

Our “Vinyasa Vitamin” is our best selling product and has made an impact on over 10,000 plus families with the hard work and passion for serving others, by our Founder & CEO, Gerald Hearns. Gerald Hearns is a Former NFL Draft prospect, Former Florida A&M University Alum, and College Graduate of the Florida Atlantic University Business program. Gerald is now an ISSA National Certified Personal Trainer, who has partnered with some proficient individuals in the health & wellness industry to bring G Health Nutrition into fruition.

Meditation Class
Meditation Class


G Health Nutrition is a community uplifting, people-oriented nutrition company that has a passion for helping people become the best versions of themselves. In life, most times, people have a fear of failure or no plan with a desire to excel if they have not been provided many opportunities to succeed. Here at G Health Nutrition, we make it our daily mission to do community-related activities while listening to our community’s needs and wants.

What Makes Us Different?

Most times, the trend of making a company different is about what they can sell you the best of. Our Vegan and Gluten-Free Multi-Vitamins provide a boost of energy, a sense of happiness, and results in inner connection through our inspiration of yoga & stretching. Our Vinyasa Vitamins and dietary supplements provide convenience to you by not taking much time out of your day to consume and provide you the boost and soothing post-reaction that you deserve.

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